Yes! You're On The List!

Here's What Happens Next

As you know, this is FREE.

It is also VERY limited.

Only 300 people can register.

(It's limited because I want to be able to answer your questions and help you implement ...and I can't do that if we have a ton of people.)

Registration opens on Friday, November 4th and you'll need to register in order to participate.

I'll open registration to the public at noon California time ...but I'll send YOU a few EARLY notifications before hand.

Registration closes on Sunday, November 6th ...or when we get 300 registrants. (Whichever comes first).

The Sprint itself starts on Monday, November 7th.

Since this is free, I'm guessing it will fill up before I have a chance to open it to the public ...which is why you really want to be on the lookout for the early access notifications I'll be sending you on Friday.

The "from" email will be Support@RainMakerAI.com.

And the "from name" will be mine ...Frank Kern.

You should white-list that email address so you don't miss anything because I'll also use it to send you instructions and follow up info during the sprint itself.

Our mission is to use my pre-built campaigns in your business to literally make as much money as possible over the course of the sprint itself.

This should be a blast (and if all goes to plan, it should be pretty damn profitable for you too).

So don't forget to be on the lookout for the early registration notifications that I'm sending you on Friday!

See you soon,



1. There's no cost to participate but you DO need to already have something to sell ...and an audience of prospects to sell it to.

2. In order to make everything SUPER EASY to implement, we all need to be using the same tools.

In this case, we'll be using RainMakerAI because it has all of my campaigns pre-built and ready to go.

Everyone who participates can get a free trial to the software ...so there's no need to spend any money up-front.

3. You need to be willing to actually implement. It's not hard to do since the campaigns we're using are pre-built and template based ...but if you don't implement then you won't get much out of this.