Yes! You are on your WAY!

Here's What Happens Next

Tomorrow I will be sending out your Workbook that you will follow through to get your business up and running.

I will also be sending you your members area link.

Inside the members area will be the Business Setup and Pre-Training videos.

We are kicking this off with an Awesome Live Training on Wednesday morning at 11 AM.

Let's get you started on this opportunity!

You don’t need to be an expert, you can turn your PASSION into PROFITS!

That's EXACTLY what we are teaching in the Business Starter Course.

This course is designed after talking to hundreds of people starting their own business online.

We give you the specific steps you need to start and grow your business

Here is what we'll cover in this Passion Profits Project Business Starter Course:

  • Expertise not needed to start a Passion-Based business
  • What other offers are missing and how you can set yourself apart to get extreme profits
  • The mistake most people make in trying to get new clients
  • Why the competition is a great thing for you
  • Specific strategies for picking hot selling niche and products for your business
  • How to scale your business to whatever level you need
  • Tools you can use to help create your business
  • A system you can implement to remove all competition
  • Easy methods for creating outlines, products and content, even graphics
  • Secrets to getting others to promote your business
  • The power of joint ventures to make your business take off

Ready to Turn Your Dreams into Reality? Here's How to Transform Your Passion into Profits!

We are keeping the price extremely low so that anyone can get access to this VITAL training.

This course is VERY limited.

Only 100 people can register.

(It's limited because I want to be able to answer your questions and help you implement ...and I can't do that if we have a ton of people.)

Registration opens on Saturday, February 4th and you'll need to register in order to participate.

Registration closes on Tuesday, February 7th, 5 PM ...or when we get 100 registrants. (Whichever comes first).

The TRAINING itself starts Wednesday, February 8th, 11 AM MST.

I'm guessing it will fill up quickly!

More Details about the training are coming to you via email.

The "from" email will be Support@lifestylebusinessmindset.com

And the "from name" will be mine ...Jack Zenert.

You should white-list that email address so you don't miss anything because I'll also use it to send you instructions and follow up info during the sprint itself.

Our mission is to give you actionable strategies that you can use to get your Passion-Based business starting to earn Profits!

This should be a blast (and if all goes to plan, it should be pretty damn profitable for you too).

So don't forget to be on the lookout for the workbook and intro training I will be sending out on Monday!

See you soon,

See you on the Inside!