Passion Profits Project

Tools you Need

Here are two very important tools that will help you run your business more effectively from the start

Watch the two videos below.

One shows how you can use Asana - a project management and task management system that is excellent. It really is easy to use, and really helps you can focused not only on the day to day tasks, but also on the big projects, and how to set them up effectively. 

It also helps you build systems for your business. Systems are a key way to get more productive, and allow you to do what you truly love. By systematizing your business you can have more time do enjoy your PASSIONS.

The other is about Password Management. It discusses how to make sure you have good quality passwords. A strong password policy will ensure you don't have problems down the road, by someone hacking in to your various accounts.

We all have so many accounts these days, from social media to email. And now you will have domain registrar, hosting, WordPress and more accounts.

It truly never does end.

I also show you two great alternatives to manage your passwords online.

Roboform password manager is one I have used for years, has a great reputation and is easy to use, best of all, it has a FREE version to get started.

Zoho Vault is the second one, I have just started using it for my business team. It again is very secure and easy to use. And it has great ability to share passwords securely with other people.

Try one or the other, you won't be disappointed.

Watch the videos and let me know what you think.

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